Mapper is a geographical mapping tool, that can be used to view maps, displaying your position with a GPS device, handle POIs, use OpenStreetMap data for geo information and can create and export GPX tracks. It runs on handhled devices like the Nokia Internet Tablets (770, N800 and N810) as well as on normal Linux desktops.

It downloads maps from map sites (OSM) and caches them localy. Maps can be panned and zoomed. With the help of a GPS devices it can be used for manual navigation (routing is coming soonish), with heading and course indicators. Street and POI information can be imported from OpenStreetMap planet files. With the help of this data the user can search for street and POIs. POIs are also displayed on the map. Also the current locations street name and place is displayed.



Something is brewing

Not exactly a mapping application, but I'm been trying out libosmscout a bit for map rendering. Yeasterday I got inspired to try getting it to run on the Jolla phone, you can see the result below:

Åre piste map, data from OpenStreetMap, rendering by libosmscout
Åre piste map, data from OpenStreetMap, rendering by libosmscout

Still, I'm sorry to say, no progress on getting Mapper itself anywhere.

Status update

I'm sorry for not updating here and Mapper itself. Unfortunately my N900 got the hardware failure that communication with the phone module, that controls the GPS, has failed. This means that I'm not able to use my N900 for any kind of GPS work anymore. Because of that (oh, this little tiny thing that happened) Mapper development has stalled indefinitely.

I do have a N950 and N9, but unfortunately, to get Mapper running on them it needs to be rewritten 99% from scratch in Qt/QML as GTK+ is not available anymore on these devices. But, it might happen! And maybe, just maybe, Mapper will find a new life on BlackBerry 10.

Getting back to Mapper work

I've been very busy the last 4-5 months, and have only worked on-and-off on Mapper under that time. But now I'm getting back to it. I've been planning on splitting up some of the more common parts, you might have noticed that direct espeak support was removed in git. That is now handled by a dbus service, gdspeak and progress on the GPS information widgets has also been made.
More news when there is some.


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