Mapper is developped with C+gtk in a git repository. Information on how to get the source are on the Source page.

Bugs and Feature requests

Mapper has a project page on Maemo Garage, report any bugs or feature requests there.

Todo List

Current Work in Progress

There are currently two branches of development, the "stable" versions (1.x.x) and development version. A almost full rewrite is going on in the development branch, to split out the different components into more generic libraries and plugins.



Rewriting map view to a proper Gtk widget
  • Generic Path (Tracks, Routes and Friend tracks, etc) support
    • Paths signals when they change and map updates the view
  • Generic Marker (POI, Bookmark, Home, Destination, etc) support
  • Map rotation with cairo
  • Threaded tile downloading
Documenting Map widget
  • Using gtk-doc
Rewriting paths (tracks and routes) to a GObject 50%
Rewriting gps sources to a GObject 10%
Audio interface widget 90%


These are some of the features that have a somewhat higher priority than the Ideas section below.

  • Add different Modes (Map view, Map creating/fixing)
  • Exporting track with marker and notes in OSM XML format
  • Add POI warnings
    • Special case for speed cams
  • Display ETA
  • Display more location information
  • Routing using OSM data (not gpx download/Google)
  • Support GeoClue for initial position or when there is no GPS available
  • Exporting user added/updated POIs as OSM files
    • Uploading directly to OSM using OSM API
  • Uploading GPX tracks directly to OSM track repo
  • Import/Export POIs in GPX and OSM
  • Make a proper gststreamer plugin for espeak


This is just a log of some ideas that pop into my mind.

  • Set location (/me is in PubThisAndThat in City (@60.25123,22.25123)) in IM apps (Pidgin, Gossip, Empathy)
    • Should be easy, all use D-Bus
  • Add support for sending location and ETA as SMS or E-mail to someone
    • gnokii
  • Receive location/ETA from someone using E-mail, SMS, IM
    • Parse lat,lon from IM message and show on map
  • Add "Where are your friends/dog/etc ?" feature
    • Some kind of simple UDP or HTTP+XML based client/server system for logging where you are
    • You can query where your friends are and Mapper displays them on the map
    • Dog tracker (For hunting?), something like what this Pointer product does.
  • Simple car fuel/expense tracking


Primary author for Mapper is:


Mapper has it's roots in the highly popular maemo-mapper. These days it's almost a complete rewrite. Main feature is to make it easier to create and use OpenStreetMap data.

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