Downloading Mapper

Mapper is available in source and in binary packages for Nokia Internet Tablets.

NOTE! Due to a unfortunate RAID-5 failure the packages for OS2006 and OS2007 are NOT available at this time.

Binary Packages

Nokia Internet Tablets Maemo5 Nokia N900 OS2008 Nokia N800, Nokia N810 OS2006 Nokia 770

Maemo5 and OS2008

  • enable the extras-devel repository to install


Packages for the OS2006 can be found in this repository:

 deb gregale free

It will upgrade your gstreamer to a later version that what came with the tablet firmware. It didn't brick my 770 (ITOS2006/7HE), but who knows. Don't blame me if your tablet breaks.
A restart might be required, should the media player not play after the new gstreamer has been installed.


See the development page.

Database files

Mapper uses database file for street and POI information. These can be made using the integrated import function or the CLI based osm2db program. Importing should always be done on a proper desktop machine, never on a tablet (only very tiny areas can be imported on the tablet). Reason for this is that the full OSM file is (currently) read into memory and then stored in a database file.

The database file(s) are compressed with bzip2 so you need to bunzip2 them before transferring to your tablet.

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