Mapper is a geographical mapping tool, that can be used to view maps, displaying your position with a GPS device, handle POIs, use OpenStreetMap data for geo information and collect GPX tracks, that can be used for data gathering for OpenStreetMap.

Display map with your location using GPS

  • Using OpenStreetMap Mapnik or Tiles@Home map tiles (+other tile servers)

OpenStreetMap data

  • Display current location information (Street and place)
  • Searching for: Places, Streets and POIs
  • POI information dialog with name and optional description, postal code and url
  • Importer to convert planet XML file to sqlite3 database
  • Reads bzip2 compressed 0.6 API planet XML files
  • Import directly from Mapper GUI or using CLI osm2db program

Mapping helpers

  • Dedicated Quick POI tab with large, thumb friendly buttons.
  • Simple Audio note recording, nice with JOSM audio support
  • Track notes display tab
  • Quick POI add interface (Hard coded list for now)
  • Simple Track point filter (by HDOP, VDOP and angle)
  • Open and Save GPX tracks

Getting to your destination and back home

  • Home bookmark
  • Destination point
    • Setting destination to Place, Street or POI
  • Downloading turn-by-turn routes from Cloudmade routing service
    • With spoken directions
  • Display rough estimate of distance to destination
  • Periodic distance to destination announcement
  • Load pre-generated GPX routes
  • Route way point list with directions

Navigation helpers

  • Bearing to destination in heading compass
  • Bearing to next way point in heading compass
  • Distance to destination
  • Destination icon on map


  • GPS satellite sky and signal information
  • Speech output for route way points and destination information
  • Supports both normal Desktops and Nokia Internet Tablets (770, N800, N810 and soon the N900)
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