Mapper Sources

Mapper sources are available in the git repository:


Make sure you have all dependencies installed and make sure you have any development packages installed, if you are using a silly distribution that splits every packet into some xxxyyyzzz-dev.deb/rpm (Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora are these kind of distros).



You need at least these:


The first time, clone the git repository:

 git clone git://

In the future, just run:

 git pull

to pull in upstream changes to your checked out repository.


"Stable" development is currently done on "HEAD", previous unstable is available in a unstable branch. Releases are tagged.

Note that outside of tagged releaes there might be build problems. You have been warned.


Building is easy if you just follow these simple instructions.


If this is the first time or if any of the sources for the generated build files are updated after a pull, run:


Then you can just run the configure script:


Or you can use the script for some preset configurations. Look inside the script for options.

After a successful configuration run:


For help on options (hildon, IT dbus bluetooth, gpsd, gstreamer, etc):

 ./configure --help

Read the README file for quick help on using OpenStreetMap data.

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